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    Didn't see a Fortnite thread which rather surprised me. For those that don't know Fortnite is mostly known for it's Battle Royale: 100 players drop on to an island and duke it out until there is only 1 winner. The island has many areas from graveyards to mini cities where players find guns and ammo and building materials so players can create walls and even forts. There are several types of games to play: you vs everyone, Dous: 50 teams of two, and then rotating game styles such as two teams of 50 go at it, 5 teams of 20 etc.

    I'm not so great at the game but I do play it quite often. I've won once and finished 2nd twice. One can actually win the whole game by killing just a single opponent: the last player besides you. That's how I won my game, I kill one other player out of 99 other opponents. The most I've killed in one game was 3 other players. There are a ton of videos on Youtube for getting better to just watching people live stream as they play.

    Fortnite is HUGE right now. I believe I've heard 4 million people have played. I might have even heard 50 million played. The game is free making money by selling in-game items usually 'skins' - different outfits for your avatar. A report I saw last night said Fortnite generated $390 million dollars in April. And the company has $100 million dollars of tournament money to win this 'season'. So it's pretty insane.

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    I don't play the game but the recent controversy over Sony locking the 3rd party account to their console is super shitty.

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    I was searching hard for a Fortnite thread, and I found this. I am happy.

    P.s could somebody tell me how to do the highlight around text?

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