I’m really pleased I got this comic. I like everything about it. I’m so glad George is portrayed so well, particularly. And while it amuses me that Bess reminds me of “Strangers in Paradise’s” Francine, I WOULD like—would really, really like to see a story done in a “classic,” “period” style: wouldn’t that be cool? And while I thought the Taylor Swift attribution was funny, I was glad to see Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr acknowledged, too. Nancy would want us to have the real source. Glad to find a surprising and promising first issue. Hope this’s set to be a continuing series: pleased to be looking forward to next issue. I used to read my sister’s Nancy Drew books; she read a lot of them, and so, so did I.

It's an adventure comic; more "hometown" than "Indiana Jones," or "Lara Croft," more "Lumberjanes" than "Scoobydoo," more "Love and Rockets" than "Strangers in Paradise;" readable, enjoyable, welcome relief from the "Big Two" super bombast. (From Dynamite Comics).