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    He's clearly a good writer so it's not a knock on his talents but he lost me a bunch of times. It seemed every arc was trying to change the status quo or do something outside the box which is fine but sometimes I just want a good wee story inside an established world. That said his best arcs were fantastic but for me they were too few and far between.
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    I gave it a B. I have always been one of the people who strongly defends Dan Slott's work and time on Spider-Man. However, despite how much i defend him, i have let way too many opinions from the online community jade how i feel about books these days. What i mean is that i defended his work so much that i became exhausted listening to people nitpick the dumbest of things instead of letting the man tell his stories until the end. I became burnt out seeing the same complaints over and over. I became jaded as i watched so many people praise Bendis' Spider-Man work while crapping on Slott. Granted, the first 133 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man are definitely my favorite but even i admit some stories were just bad. I can admit Slott had some bumps here and there but i wont crap on his entire 10 year run just because he had Spider-Man plummet from space and survive the landing in just his costume.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebLurker View Post
    Funny, I found his take on Ock to incredibly bad, especially in the voice.
    Honestly though, with the exception of Raimi's Spider-Man 2 film, his version of Ock lined up with nearly all other comic and media adaptions. To each his own though.

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    I came withe return of anti-venom story and spider isladn was right aroudn the corner which i loved, ends of the earth was very enjoyable too, superior pissed me off but looking back on it was was actually a decent spider-man run with a great ending with Goblin Nation. Amazing volume 4 was pretty boring except for Spider-Verse which again i greatly liked.
    Volume 5 was just really average. except clone conspiarcy, that was absolute garbage. go downs winging was awesome though. I think the biggest thing i hate about the run is what he turned Black Cat into during Volume 4.

    there was more good than bad though so B sounds good
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    i came in when superior launched, so my dan slott run is far from complete. i dug superior and then enjoyed most of the following volume (which introduced silk and featured "spider-verse"). i just couldn't get into the relaunch that came after... the whole parker industries thing just didn't do it for me. i found the first year and a half very forgettable. i'm a 90s kid so i've always had a soft spot for the clone saga so i hated "clone conspiracy" with all the fanboy rage i could muster (by which i mean i voiced my displeasure with the story arc -- i'm not a weirdo who boycotts books or creators because i don't agree with their decision making about fictional characters). while i did enjoy "go down swinging", to be honest i found most of slott's final ASM volume to be subpar. pretty covers, though.

    ASM is a book i wait on for those comixology .99 cent sales. i'm sure i'll pick up the early parts of his run over time.

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    Really enjoyed his run, though I didnít really connect with the Parker Industries saga. Didnít feel right

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