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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
    Agree with you here. I'd love if they bring back characters like her and Trauma. AI had so many cool characters that writers seem to forget about. Slott is bringing back The Gauntlet back in Tony Stark: Iron Man.
    Do you know if Slott will use Southpaw again? She is another forgotten character.
    Not Peter David.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pad View Post
    Do you know if Slott will use Southpaw again? She is another forgotten character.
    Not to my knowledge, but we don't know what Slott has in store for us. So maybe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DragonsChi View Post
    I agree with this.

    I actually like the concept of Cloud 9. The whole idea of the young girl who wanted nothing more than to be left and peace and legally fly. However, to do so under the Registration Act she would be forced to become a skilled Sniper Assassin. It's a concept that could get some movement for sure.

    But I too wouldn't want it to be glossed over that she hates what she does and instead would just want to fly. I couldn't see her on any team or appearing in anyones title as a hero. She would need some mini or solo where she explains that the Avengers Initiative forced her to stay in the Assassin or Hero game , destroying her life, and is now seeking some way out or something.
    I don’t know. If there was no Registration, what would Cloud 9 be doing? She wouldn’t be an assassin. She would be someone who could lift off the ground, observe, go to places she never thought she could. As an ordinary looking girl, she wouldn’t get into too many relationships. If she exposed her powers and didn’t immediately escape, she could get assaulted, because she has no fighting skills or strength. In normal human social situations, Abigail would be a bit like Jessica Jones (who also can fly) but without super powers. Abby couldn’t be a detective because there’s too much violence.

    The trouble with human nature is they always look to find a way to exploit a persons powers, so what is going to happen is something bad will go down, and she will either be put to good use by some nefarious force, or, the tragedy will make her go on a mission to set something right, and Abby will find a use for her flight, to get back at who did this tragedy to her. Let’s hope it’s not with a gun. There’s too much of that going on IRL.
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