The first of the Six Ages games is finally here. The sequel to King of Dragon Pass.


Given the heavy emphasis on art and narrative, I can't think of a better place to discuss this game than these forums, but I have no idea how popular games like these are in the comic book community. For me, no longer being much of a gamer, this is likely to be the only game I play all year.

Given that this is a game that will inevitably take a very long while to play through, I can't really review it so much as give early impressions.

First impressions are that it is very similar to King of Dragon Pass, but with a lot more thought on the platform, (currently iOS with Android to follow much later it seems.)

The art looks suitably evocative, and the game play looks to be very similar, which will no doubt delight and frustrate me in equal measure, much as the last game did. Again not being a big gamer I am ashamed to say I never actually completed KoDP, which admittedly was notoriously difficult if you played the long game. Apparently this game has been balanced to be a little easier, which probably suits me.

For those that can't quite understand the game category, well it is kind of its own category. It is designed to be immersive and story driven, with numerous multiple choices that drive the underlying economy and politics. So it is kind of strategic resource management, but with a choose your own adventure style front end. There are a few other games that were influenced by KoDP, but having never played any of them I will resist listing them.

I would be fascinated to know if anyone else here is playing this or played KODP.