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    Default Roald Dahl's Matilda is the adopted daughter of Ebony Maw

    During avengers infinity war we see Ebony Maar (arguably the most powerful of the black order) have the ability to move all kinds of objects. This was remarkably similar to magneto except his powers only stretch as far as metal. However there's another character which many would picture outside the superhero frame to be incredibly similar. Matilda. Not only can she move objects with her hands but she also shares the same high level of intelligence as Maar. Plus Maar has been around for a long time before even before 1996 so therefore they were defintely both alive at the same time. Also there's hints that Matilda was adopted by the wormwoods at the beginning of the movie.

    So the theory is as follows. Thanos and the black order invade a planet far far away and wide out half the population as per usual. However Maar takes an interest in one of the inhabitants (like how thanos did to gamora). But to Maars shock he discovers this person is on the kill half rather than the survive. Therefore to protect his loyalty to thanos he adopts her behind thanos's back without him knowing. When the job is done on the said planet, the black order return to santuary 2 and Maar uses an escape pod to send her adopted daughter to earth where she takes human form and grows up to be Matilda.
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