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    Dr Strange- Brian k. Vaughn/Marcos Martin- a continuation of the Oath miniseries as an ongoing.

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    Alex DiCampi and Stuart Immonen

    Alex is capable of writing interesting female characters and wouldn't shy away from the campier aspects of the character. Stuart of course can do epic action/adventure, but at the same time is great at humor and as done striking experimental visuals in his indie work.

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    I've talked about this idea before, I will talk about it again, because it is a good idea that Marvel should do:

    Mystique & Destiny. A 5-issue mini detailing how they met and fell in love. Set it in the early 20th Century, with Irene building a team for a heist, and Mystique joining up. Period-piece lesbian romance heist comic. You can even explore gender issues - maybe Mystique has been mostly staying in a male form, seeing femininity as weak and devoid of power, and Irene convinces her she should be herself, and to exploit the ways women are underestimated. Either way, Mystique and Irene would spend the whole mini planning to betray each other, with some fun twists, and would end with them meeting back up a year later and smooching.

    Creative team: my first thought is Marguerite Bennett for writer. Insexts was a period-piece lesbian romance body horror, and Bombshells was a period-piece with some lady-loving. So it's kind of a thing for her. I feel like Mariko Tamaki would probably have a real blast writing it. There's a ton of writers who could do great jobs on it. Artist is tougher, because there are so many amazing artists. Ariela Kristantina springs to mind, again because of Insexts. Sana Takeda would bring an interesting aesthetic to it, I think. There's always Jen Bartel. Ooh, Aud Koch, with Jordie Bellaire doing colours. Yeah, that'd probably work pretty well.

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    writer: C. Priest; artist- Olivier Coipel
    5 years
    I just like Priest's writing, he could write a great Punisher as an anti-Deathstroke.

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    The character: Crystal
    The Team: Cates & Bachalo

    Why: She's grown a lot over the years. She was almost going to be majestrix of the Shi'ar, is practically a single mother, super powerful, and has experience with many teams. She should revisit her past teams and use the experience she had on them to make her own team eventually.

    Length Of The Run: A long time.
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    The Team: Coates & Olive Coipel
    The Characters: Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Sunfire, M, Siryn, Northstar
    Why: They're an international response team to mutant terrorist attacks (to and from)
    Length: 35 issues

    The Ultimates:
    The Team: Ewing & Frank Quitely and Mike Allred (they each draw one half of the series)
    The characters: Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Noh-Varr, MAC, Wasp, Thor
    Why: don't have a why yet, I just wanna see it. Guess they can contiune where they left off.
    Length: 50 issues
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    Writer: Peter David
    Artist: Mahmud Asrar
    Length: 12 issues
    Why: Dealing with the aftermath of the possession by her brother, Monet travels the world in an attempt to find herself.

    Jessica Drew: Spider-Woman
    Writer: Ed Brubaker
    Artist: Dexter Soy
    Length: 60 issues (at least).
    Why: Returning the character to her supernatural roots while operating her private investigations. Jessica has moved back out west to reconnect with herself away from the craziness of New York only to find herself in even crazier circumstances

    Arachne (Julia Carpenter)
    Writer: Kathryn Immonen
    Artist: Russell Dauterman
    Length: 12 issues
    Why: She's been a super-hero, federal agent, a criminal on the run and an ex-pat. Now Julia's powers have returned and she's building a new life for herself and her daughter...if her past as a government experiment doesn't come crashing down on her first.

    Writer: Jim Zub
    Artist: Valerio Schitti
    Why: Frenzy wants to be a hero, she wants to make amends for her former lifestyle. But she's still got the temper...but she's trying...just dont piss her off...
    Length: 24 issues (at least.)

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