'sup metalheads? Another week another poll, y'all understand democracy.

Last week's poll ended perhaps rather predictably. Forum-favourite Kill or be Killed ended its run on a high note, casually grabbing nearly 60% of all votes cast. Dang! Let's see any series top that.

Here's what's happening at Image this week: Gravediggers Union publishes its penultimate issue, I Hate Fairyland is releasing SIX different covers to finish its fourth story arc, Medieval Spawn & Witchblade wraps up next month already, Paradiso begins a new storyline, while Prism Stalker ends its first. Thief of Thieves is also back for "one last job" - bound to go well. I think Throwaways might also be wrapping up a storyline, or at least it's taking a few months off following this issue.

New in town are 2 series:
1.) New Lieutenants of Metal is the new Joe Casey book, looks very cartoony, and is about a precision strike team set to tackle any challenge. This'll run for just four issues as it's currently scheduled.

2.) Unnatural is coming to Image. This is an Italian series by Mirka Andolfo, about a pig-girl stuck in a dead-end job under a totalitarian government. Anthropomorphism and themes of individual freedom, sounds perfect for the current zeitgeist.

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