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    Default DCEU Wonder Woman & Diana Prince fashion - Tom + Lorenzo article

    Tom + Lorenzo (fashion, design, and pop culture bloggers) have an article up dedicated to the design and fashion of Wonder Woman, Diana Prince, and the Amazons in the DCEU. They're geeks, and have a pretty strong love of speculative fiction in film and tv series.

    Any character design and fashion lovers should check it out and let us know what you think/thought about the design and fashion choices when you first watched the film.

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    I read this yesterday and absolutely loved it. Wow. Wonder Woman really has the most iconic costume reveal of all superheroes. And the way her clothes are inspired by Steve but keeping the amazonian colors at the end speaks so much to me. I loved everything about it, really. Beautiful.

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    Really nice analysis, that ties together several other elements that were only alluded to in other stuff I read, and connects it with the plot. I really only have one quibble, and that is that the clothes she acquires in London are clearly inspired by the uniforms used by women firefighters, police officers, and military auxiliaries during the war.

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