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    Smile Illustrations and comic pages

    Hello, It is my first post here. I'm an illustrator/graphic artist and I'm a professional photo retoucher from Poland. My favorite hobby is a creating comic pages. I want to share with you my illustrations. I ussualy using photoshop when created illustration, but sometimes I use traditional forms (pencil, ink, brushes, acrylic, markers etc).

    Drawings and colors, added text (balloons) by me.

    I am looking for orders related to drawing comics. My e-mail:

    My portfolio:
    artstation -
    behance -
    instagram -

    6 strona Talaga Karpinski_dymki.jpga01_zombie_KamilKarpiński_MichałChojnacki_2018.jpgx02-03 Plugawy kolorr_dymki balonowe 2018.jpg
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