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    Default Anybody know what ever happened with John Byrne's "Torch of Liberty"?

    The character appeared as a back-up feature in Byrne's four issue series Danger Unlimited back in 1994, and he also had a one-issue special (dated January 1995).

    He also showed up in the very first Hellboy arc, "Seed of Destruction" (also from 1994).

    But . . . anybody know whatever happened (if anything) with the character after early 1995's Special?

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    The comic book crash happened and Byrne and DH wasn't making enough of a profit off of Danger Unlimited, Torch of Liberty, and even Next Men so they stopped publishing them.

    Also I think there was some marketing screw-up that made it sound like Danger Unlimited was his better version of The Fantastic Four and this didn't sit well with a lot of people because Jack Kirby had just died and it made Byrne seem like he was the next Jack Kirby and it made him sound like an egomaniac even though the letter pages in Danger Unlimited and Next Men Byrne claimed he never made those statements and/or they were taken out of context.

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