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    Quote Originally Posted by numberthirty View Post
    Can they actually use Abomination?

    I thought that legal issues were the reason there probably wasn't going to be a Hulk solo film.
    The only issue is with Film distribution. Disney wont let anyone else distribute they're movies so Hulk cant have a movie, but marvel still owns the characters.

    I'd like a Thunderbolts movie where they reveal the twist at the end. Like Suicide Squad if you just save the set up untill the end. Just have them be super team lead by a couple real heroes like Hawkeye and Bucky. Then at the end after they have done a bunch of heroic shit reveal there true nature and show the audience flashbacks to 5he core team being recruited.

    As far as the line up (if Disney gets right from Fox for some these characters)

    Taskmaster as the standout clashing with Hawkeye the whole movie.

    The Wrecker (just call him Dirk cause his name is lame)


    Speed demon


    And at the end have Red Hulk show up and save the day. The the stinger reveals hes General Ross and a Governament agency ran by a Dr Sterns has been working with Hulk Blood. Then have Sterns hint at using it on himself to set up leader for a Sequel... but that only works if they Keep Ross but ignore everything else from the first Hulk movie. Or you bring back that actor to play the leader again. But I might want a bigger actor since hes gonna be a lead villian
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    After seeing the adaptation of Zemo and Executioner I hope they never touch the other major Masters of Evil/Thunderbolts characters. The last thing the team needs is getting the GotG treatment where they tried to copy the movie on the comics.
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