View Poll Results: Favourite X Men Villain?

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  • Apocalypse

    6 5.08%
  • Magneto

    28 23.73%
  • Sinister

    32 27.12%
  • Selene

    16 13.56%
  • Exodus

    1 0.85%
  • Bastian

    1 0.85%
  • Rev. Stryke

    3 2.54%
  • Bastion

    1 0.85%
  • Stryfe

    1 0.85%
  • Dark Phoenix

    4 3.39%
  • Cassandra Nova

    4 3.39%
  • Shadow King

    4 3.39%
  • Goblin Queen

    5 4.24%
  • Other

    12 10.17%
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    Quote Originally Posted by PsychoEFrost View Post
    Any reason for that choice? Considering that outside some horrific character assassination, she hasn't been a bad guy in like 10 years.
    Anything after Gen X has felt villainous, no matter how much good she tries to do, she will always be a villain.

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    Other. The Hellfire Club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lurkerforyears View Post
    Fitzroy only became interesting decades later when PAD showed us him as a hero and boyfriend of Ruby Summers. He only became evil because he died and Layla Miller was forced to resurrect him without his soul to save mutantkind.

    Him killing the Hellions was the biggest waste in xmen history. We still don't know what the prize the Upstarts were fighting for was. It was overall a terrible story.
    they were competing for dominion over the other contestants. I guess that would mean being able to use their resources. I don't think that we ever found out why Trevor Fitzroy hated Emma Frost. it's weird that he never mentioned to anyone that he's part of the Shaw line, either.
    Quote Originally Posted by somacula View Post
    Because its fun, not as fun as the liberal meltdown but close

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    This is the xmen villain I most wish became a hero (reformed)
    I dont think it will happen because he is a pretty popular villain of the week who appears in spiderman or avengers books as easily as he appears in xmen books.

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    I LOVED the revamped Gamemaster in the Marjorie Liu X-23 run.

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    My vote was for Selene, given I don't really consider Magneto to be a villain.

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    I also left Magneto out, so I voted Reverend Stryke as well as I could have voted Senator Kelly. I find (in general) common humans with social/political/religious authority and influence much more interesting than bombastic people with floating impossible capes. While the last ones use to practice evil for the sake of evil, the first ones understand so well the power and profit of fear. So, I feel the need to say: "Don't let them cheat you with villains like something out of an operetta --these are the real enemy".

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