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    Default How old are your superheroes?

    This isn't a "should they age" thread, or a "what fits in their continuity" thread. When you look at the characters in the titles you read (or remember), without doing any math, how old do you figure that they are?

    For me:

    Superman's about 30-35.

    Batman's about 35.

    Nightwing is about 25 or 26

    Batgirl is about 28 or 29

    Robin is about 14

    Wonder Woman: there's no telling because she's immortal, but she physically looks under 30

    Wonder Girl is about 15

    Flash (Barry) is about 30

    Flash (Wally) I'm not sure anymore, but he's about Nightwing's age

    Green Lantern (Jordan) is somewhere between 28-32

    Green Lantern (Stewart) is about 35-40

    Green Arrow is about 30

    Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow/Whatever is about 26

    Martian Manhunter: there's no telling

    Black Canary is between 28-30

    Hawkman and Hawkwoman are both (relatively) about 35

    Black Lightning is about 32

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    My superheroes were active back in the 1940s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy View Post
    My superheroes were active back in the 1940s.

    Most of mine too, but how old are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNewGod View Post
    Most of mine too, but how old are they?
    Well, I'm still waiting for DC to reveal what the hell happened to them!

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    I place people like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman* around mid-late 30s. I'd throw Hal in that category. John Stewart and Guy Gardner are maybe late 20s but closer to early 30s. Kyle Rayner, Dick Grayson, Wally West, Barbara Gordon, Starfire (iunno know how her physiology works but in terms of earth maturity) and most of the Titans are mid 20s. Beast boy, Raven (should be but DC has them all over the place so iunno where to put them practically), Jason Todd and Arsenal would be early almost mid 20s. David Zavimbe (if DC was still using him) would be the same age as Dick to me. The only ones I have solid ages for are Damian, Jon Kent, Tim Drake, and Duke Thomas. The ages go 14, 11, 19, and 17 respectively. I don't think about other people's age all that much but most people fall in that mid 20s to mid 30s range.

    They appear to have de-aged Black Lightning so i need to see more to nail an age range. Usually I'd put him at Supe and Bats age
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    I would say that Superman, Batman, Barry, Hal and Green Arrow are around 35. I would say that Dick is 25, Jason is 21, Tim is 16 and Damian is 14.

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    Bruce Wayne - 37
    Clark Kent - 36
    Diana Prince - over 2000, appears 30s.
    Barry Allen - 35
    Oliver Queen - 47
    Dinah Lance - 33
    Wally West - 25
    Authur Curry - 40
    Mera - 39
    Dick Grayson - 25
    Donna Troy - 27
    Roy Harper - 26
    Barbara Gordon - 32 (sorry, I'm a sucker for Barbs being older than Dick)
    Helena Bertinelli - 26
    Jason Todd - 21
    Tim Drake - 18
    Stephanie Brown - 18
    Kara Zor-El - 17
    Cassie Sandsmark - 17
    Damian Wayne - 13
    Selina Kyle - 33
    Karen Starr - 35
    Zatanna Zatara - 31
    Cassandra Cain - 15
    Hal Jordan - 32
    John Stewart - 42
    Guy Gardner - 34
    Kyle Rayner - 24
    Jessica Cruz - 33 (sorry, I hate the idea that she HAS to be young cause she's new)
    Simon Baz - 37 (same reason for Jessica)
    Koriand'r - 24
    Raven Roth - 19
    Lois Lane - 37 (I feel like her being older than Clark adds to her old habit of mocking him)
    Linda Park - 33
    Harley Quinn - 29
    Joker - unknown
    Pamela Isley - 33
    Mari McCabe - 35
    Victor Stone - 24
    Sandra Wu San - 39
    Slade Wilson - 60+
    Amanda Waller - 46
    Steve Trevor - 45
    Jim Gordon - 52
    Kate Kane - 33
    Lex Luthor - 44
    Michael Holt - 28
    Jefferson Pierce - 41
    John Constantine - 42
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    Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce is 28 according to his recent miniseries.

    CW Black Lightning is an older version.

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    Despite what year they were supposedly born, I go with Bruce, Clark, Barry, Ray and Hal all being 29. Jay, Alan, Al, Tick-Tock, Jim, Kent and Ted are all 45. Oliver and Dinah are 39. Diana looks 26 but is actually thousands of years old.

    The Legion of Super-Heroes all look like teen-agers, because science. Dick, Wally, Roy, Mal, Karen, Donna, Kori, Raven, Garth, Tula, Lilith, Betty and Vic are all 21. Gar is 19.

    Because they stopped ageing once they came to Blackhawk Island, Blackhawk, Olaf, Andre, Chuck, Stan and Liu Huang remain 25 years old forever, while Hendrickson is eternally 51 years old (because he looks exactly like Dick Dillin and that's how old Dick was when he died).
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    Selina Kyle (Catwoman) (29 or 30)
    Stargirl(Courtney Witmore) 18/19
    Billy Batson(Captain Marvel/Shazam) (18/19)
    Stephanie Brown (Spoiler) (18/19)
    Tim Drake(Red Robin) (18/19)
    Mary Baston(Mary Marvel) (18/19)
    Freddy Freeman(Captain Marvel Jr. or CM3) (18/19)
    Cassie Sandmark (Wonder Girl) (17/18) i think
    Troia (Donna Troy) (23 or 24) i think

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    For me I see most of the superheroes like Hollywood actors, they look younger than their actual age.

    Batman - actual age 42 but looks 7 years younger, so he looks 35.
    Superman - about 45 ( because of his kyptonian DNA is looks 12 years younger. He looks 33.

    This goes to all the league members except the flash they are in their early forties. But look about 32 to 35. The flash is actually in his thirties. Maybe 34.

    Nightwing- 24
    Jason - 20
    Tim - 17
    Damian -12 Because he was dead for a year ( actual age 13)
    Jon -11
    Barbara - 29 ( but lately she seem like 17)

    Selina Kyle - 38, like a hollywood actress see looks 8 years younger. Looks 30.
    Lois Lane - 40, because she is always near superman's aura, makes her look younger. Looks 33.

    Most of the titans are Dick's age, between 23 to 25, Roy maybe 3 years older at 27.

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    The Justice League (most of them) - between 30-45 (Zatanna, Firestorm, Vixen between 25-30, Hawkwoman between 30-35)
    Titans, Legion (Levitz), Infinity Inc - between 20-25
    Outsiders (original) - between 20-40 (most between 25-30, Halo between 20-25, Katana and Geo-Force between 25-30, Metamorpho and Black Lightning between 30-35, Batman between 35-40)
    Teen Titans - between 14-19
    JLI (Beetle/Booster/Fire/Ice) - between 25-30
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    Batman is around 35-40. I think he's currently 40 but is in great shape and looks a good 10 years younger.

    Superman is roughly in the same age range, though of course in his case, he won't really age much.

    Wonder Woman will perpetually look like she's 25-30.

    Most of the Justice League founders and their contemporaries IMO are in the 35-40 range, or should be. But because of the timeline manipulations and stolen years and what-not, I'd peg them as being 30-35 currently.

    I think Nightwing and the other OG Titans should be in the 25-30 range, but because of the timeline stuff, they're in the 20-25 range.

    Tim and YJ generation are in their late teens. Damian's generation are in their tweens or early teens.

    If I were to give ballpark ages for Bat-family members in current continuity, I'd go with something like this-

    Bruce: 40
    Selina: 35
    Kate: 30
    Dick: 25
    Barbara: 25
    Jason: 21
    Tim: 18
    Cass: 17
    Steph: 17
    Damien: 13

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    Taking into account regularly occurring time shenanigans, here's how I see it. Everyone in the DCU has been around for decades upon decades. They just don't remember the exact details as each temporal what'sit keeps them perpetually around these ages:

    Superman and Wonder Woman are both functionality immortal immortal and stopped aging in their physical prime. Lois Lane is actually in her mid to late thirties thanks to her repeated temporal face lifts. Steve Trevor was just rebooted into a similarly aged body.

    Batman ages to his mid-40s, but keeps getting rebooted into a younger body of 30ish. Currently, he's in a 20-something body thanks to his recent resurrection from Dionysium. Dick is in his late twenties, Jason is in his mid-20s, Tim is 19ish, Damian is 13ish. Catwoman is in her mid-30s.

    Barry was 30ish when he died, and is that same age following his return. The Speed Force keeps him and Iris young. Iris is chronologically in her early 50s, but she's from the future but Barry's return de-grandma-ified her immediately Same deal for Wally & Linda, who will always be kept around 30ish thanks to the Speed Force.

    The Green Lanterns of Earth are all kept in their physical prime by their rings and various resurrections.

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    When Post-Crisis ended, the Silver agers were about 35, the original Titans about 27, the then (the young justice gen) Teen Titans ranged from 15 to 18, and the 5th gen consisted of only Damian (10), Iris (13), Jai (11) and Sin (I believe she was 8?).

    New 52 tried to erase everyone but the silver agers and make them all 25: which was the stupidest idea DC could have.

    Right now I'd say that the silver agers range from 30 to 35 - with Bruce and Barry probably being the oldest - original Titans about 22, Teen Titans are a mess, and the 5th gen, consistiong only of 13 Damian and 11 Jon have been folded into the TT.
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