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    Watched it again and still loved it. This one might overtake ROTJ as my overall favourite. Between actually having the guts to kill off the whole main cast and that Vader scene at the end? Not to mention that space battle. I hope I still like it as much in 30 years!

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    Killing off the heroes was gutsy. It had the usual SW's faults. Storm trooper incompetence. Space battles that made no sense from what you would expect from that level of tech. Silly Force as Space Jesus prayers.

    Was worth it on cable, not a trip to the theater.

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    Rogue One is my favorite Star Wars film. Great cast, compelling characters, unexpected twists.

    Like all SW movies, it's a flawed film, but it's the Star Wars film I re-watch the most.

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    For me, it's right up there with the best. I would say top 5 or 6
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    Rogue One’s grown on me.

    It’s probably in my top 3 now below RotS & ESB.

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