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    Default Wonder Woman #50 - Spoilers & Discussion

    Well, it's finally over...

    Not much actually happens in the story. Jason has tricked the Dark Gods due to his ridiculously overpowered "can-use-any-god-ability" outfit. He pretends that he's under their influence, and tricks them into entering Diana's unconscious body (he put her to sleep using Morpheus's god powers; she was willing obviously). There, they try to battle the Dark Gods, but then Jason comes up with an idea. He offers himself to King Best in exchange for returning the Justice League and leaving this plane of existence, returning to the dark multiverse. King Best for whatever reason decides this is a good idea and Jason says his goodbyes to Diana and vanishes. All the while, Diana talks to Steve about it in standard Robinson dialogue.

    The most important takeaway? Diana doesn't like Steve's beard because it hurts when they kiss.

    So yeah... no big ultimate battle with the Dark Gods. They were so supremely bland that I really honestly hope we never see them again. As for Jason... we all hoped this would happen so, yay? He's not six feet under but I don't think he'll return anytime soon.

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    this is the payoff to the Wonder twin plot geoff seeded way back? what a lame way to not make an impression and get written off in such a short time.
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    Wonder Woman not solving the conflicts in her arcs is a trope a this point. Also, wasn't Jason part of some grand prophecy thingamabob? I guess it doesn't really matter.

    Glade this is over. Can't wait for the news on the new run at Comic-con.

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    Would call it underwhelming if I was expecting anything out of it. But truth be told I liked it well enough. Glad Jason isn't dead. Maybe another writer down the line can make better use of both him and the dank gods, who seemed pretty cool. (With Ares captive in that tree, they could at least probably do cool things with the Dark War God)

    Managed to get the Frison variant, so at least I have a nice piece of wall-art.

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    Spectacular Member Natamaxxx's Avatar
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    So long, Scrappy Dude!

    So, I read it just to see how it would all wrap up. Not with bang, and not even with a whimper. Just Jason coming up with the "plan" to save the world on short notice while Diana pretends to be asleep. He's the quick thinker and the problem solver, and she just mindlessly punches the shit out of everyone.

    In the end, she decides to just suck it up and stop mourning the brother she's known for FIVE MINUTES. It's all ridiculously awful in a way that would make even Meredith Finch raise an eyebrow!

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    So Steve is being written out for a while. That means all three of the Trinity will be without their love interests going into the latter half of the year

    I thought bringing back the beard from Rebirth was a nice book-end to his current role in the book, and at least he's still with Diana.

    Oh yeah, and Jason has more face/heel turns than the Big Show in WWE
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    I suppose everyone's happy till Jason was a character with potential but thanks to Robinson that potential was squandered and held back. Welll when Jason, Steve Trevor, and the Oddfellows come back I hope they will be in the hands of someone competent and skilled enough to treat like real characters, like people.
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    As I said last issue I liked it well enough. Not groundbreaking but standard superhero tropes. The big blow us that it was a run starring Jason ft Wonder Woman.

    Waiting for that Jason in armour action figure now.
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    Morpheus's powers now too?

    Jason is the Swiss Army Knife of Olympian powers!

    (Which makes me me think we now need an Olympian Army Knife magical item now. ::starts writing and considers making Polly the Spear into the divine toothpick:: )
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    Jason is like a magic-based Ultra-Boy.

    Most likely, another writer will bring him back later and he'll be all evil and blaming Diana for his being trapped with the Dark gods.

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    I almost gave this a 5...

    Because he's finally gone!!!

    But seriously, Diana was pointless in her own book. Yes, the dark gods feared her (tho' it was never clear why) and yes, it was repeatedly stated by Wonder Jason that she would never stop, so she'll eventually win, but the plan, the execution and the true heroics were all Jason. He used the following powers in this one book to save the world:

    Hercules - Strength
    Athena - Wisdom
    Dolos - Lying
    Morpheus - Sleep
    Peitho - Persuasion
    Hestia - Family

    and mentioned having...

    Artemis - Hunter
    Hermes - Traveller
    Demeter - Seeker

    Diana didn't figure anything out, come up with any plan or solution, or do a damned thing in her own book except punch bland 'gods' in the face a lot while Jason explained the plot, explained his plan, got her in and out of where she needed to go, and made a deal to sacrifice himself to save the day, so she didn't even do that.

    This is one of the worst WW arcs I have *ever* read and I'm glad it's over and done with.

    Even Jason's getting the hell out of the book doesn't raise this above the 1 it deserves.

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    Ultimate Member Sacred Knight's Avatar
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    Apr 2014


    More than anything I'm just curious what the point is in writing Steve out for a while like this. Made a point to mention he could be gone a while. Artemis makes a move while he's gone?

    Or maybe its to facilitate her relationship being in a strained place by the time Heroes in Crisis comes along. Bruce jilted at the altar, Clark and Lois probably having some marital issues by then, might as well put Diana in the same boat?

    Edit: Nevermind, I missed the thread confirming Wilson and the accompanying interview which answers this question.
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    Glad this is finally over with. Also glad to see that no permanent damage has been done by this run besides Vanessa (and even that is salvageable). The Amazons haven't been turned evil again or massacred, the core supporting cast is still in place, etc.

    From the sounds of it, they got rid of Jason in a good way. He's off the table, but if writers want to bring him back it should be easy enough to undo.

    Odds are good we won't see him again for a while, if ever...

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    The Comixeur Mel Dyer's Avatar
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    It seems like the whole point of James's run was NOT to deliver an industry-quaking finale to The Darkseid War, which is what I'd hoped for. It was to introduce Wonder Woman's brother, who will dwell with the dark gods in their realm, until he's needed for use in comic book stories, cartoons, live action TV series or movies and merchandising, elsewhere. This way, he holds a legitimate place in the Wonder-mythos, while not getting too much in the way of telling great WW stories. Basically, it's the modern equivalent of Nubia living on Mars Island ..or the Huntress and Power Girl living on Earth-2.

    I don't think it was worth twenty issues, but, I can live with it.

    This thing with Jason has been draining...very draining. Glad it's over.
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    That was boring. Sticking around for this arc was a mistake on my part. I hope Orlando can at least give us a few entertaining issues before Wilson shows up.

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