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    Congratulations to MRP for his marvelous example of logo destruction. I want to add that the logo for Thor was changed after the destruction of this issue's events and the cover was also a bit of a meta statement in addition to the might Walt Simonson brought unto the franchise of Thunder.

    As to what I've learned this week, the captain has picked up on the truth that all parts of a cover matter and count. The cover has been called the most important page of a comic book and for any part of that page to not participate is a crime. He does wonder if there are example of a logo having good things done to it. Not just destruction, crushing, or breaking.

    Also, thanks to icctrombone for the vote.

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    Dammit, I forgot to vote but congrats to MRP!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRP View Post
    there's nothing in the rules against it, it's just not usually done, but there have been cases in the past of someone winning 2 weeks in a row if I remember correctly, or at least of the example cover being in contention for the second week.

    Exactly. There's no rule against voting for the OP/contest starter.

    But it's good sportsmanship IMHO, to consider the contest winner/starter's post as an example or illustration and not a real contender. It's like the contest winner/starter is graciously passing the baton to the rest of us.

    However in this case I betrayed my own principles because I just could not resist the OP's Alex . Cry Havok!

    And congrats to MRP!

    And thanks for the almost-vote, nx01a
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    Well done MRP and thank you Carabas for voting for my Steranko Nick Fury cover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tami View Post

    I ddin't include Stony's vote since it was after time, but it didn't matter.

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