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    Quote Originally Posted by married guy View Post
    Both have been done to death and I find I enjoy stories with them when they're few & far between and have a feeling of real importance.
    Especially the Joker.
    I think he should only ever be seen when the s*** is REALLY about to hit the fan.
    I think John Byrne did everyone a great favour when he relaunched Lex Luthor as the mastermind evil businessman - not the mad scientist.
    Nowadays he's both: Mad scientist and mastermind evil businessman.

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    Yeah.. Sometimes..

    If I hate one comic or I donīt like certain writer, they canīt force me to see that comic.
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    These days, I avoid comics if they feature Joker and/or Harley Quinn. Both characters are so overexposed.

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    Lex yes, Joker no i like the character but i'm never compelled to buy a book just because Joker is in it. If we where talking about Scarecrow or Two-face sure but not Joker.

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    The thing with Luthor is he has a decent veneer of character and you can spin him off into lots of different ways. Much like Magneto you can JUST about see his point regarding 'Bah Aliens/potential invasion/holding us back' and writers can flip flop on how sincere he is. Jokers just a murderous lunatic who has progressively gotten worse over the years and has been oversaturated to the point where everyones just sick of seeing him.

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