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    Default How to read New Avengers + Atonishing X-Men + House of M?

    Hi, it's me again, the guy that asks a ton of "chronological order" type of questions

    Anyway, I got myself into the marvel world and searched for some guides, but I didn't find guides that intertwine these comics. Maybe i'm just dumb and these comics are on alternate universes, maybe not, since I don't know I'm just going to ask anyway.

    Comics that i'm reading/interested in read as the same time as i read the other

    Iron Man (2005) #7
    Captain America (2005) #8
    Atonishing X-Men (2004) #13
    New Avengers (2005) #11
    Young Avengers (2005) (Tho I feel very suspiscious, because I heard that the continuation to this series is a series in 2013, and I find weird a interval in time this big)
    House of M (2006)
    New Avengers: Illuminati (2006)

    I haven't started Young Avengers, House of M and Illuminati because I think they're yet to come.
    Anyway, I was reading new avengers and realized that Wolverine was suddenly there in the Breakout! arc, but he didn't got there yet on Atonishing X-Men.
    I also tried to find a guide that relates these comics, but all I found was guides that maintained either New Avengers or Atonishing X-Men or House of M separated with their own tie-ins.

    Also, isn't there a site where I just mark the comics I want to read and it tells me when they were released (thus, generating a very good reading order with i feel exceptions)?
    It already pains me to think how i'll fit the next comics that will come in, like The Mighty Avengers, The Initiative, Civil War, Invaders into this cycle...
    So, any sugestions in the order?
    Maybe I'll have to advance more in X-men until Logan ends up in the Savage Land, then Cycle through New Av > X-men > Cap > IronMan?

    Thanks in advance anyway!

    Edit: Where is thor in the time that these comics pass? Thor Vikings? Thor Son Of Asgard?
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