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    Default The Legend of Mason Jack #1 - A Fables Story.

    (I apologize for all grammar errors etc before hand)


    Upstate New York : 1864

    The two men got off the stage coach and slowly walked into the small town square. The town was less than 6 buildings with a live stock , saloon , and motel as the main attractions. There was a small mayors office that doubled as the sheriffs office in this small town away from everything. The two men nodded and walked into the office where they were soon joined by the mayor and sheriff.

    "I got the deeds all drawn up , Mr. Cole I take it ?" the mayor asked as the older one nodded. The two strangers removed their coats and sit down.

    The mayor looked over the deeds to the land and slowly check marked the properties on the ledger , "Your buying an awful lot of land out in middle of nowhere. I mean I have heard of eccentric folks before. But well , why exactly are ya buying 200+ acres of farm land away from the town ?"

    The one smoked a rolled up cigarette and gave a look , "Look we have the gold you requested , can we get this done ?"

    Cole quickly interjected , "You have to forgive my friend Mr. Wolf here . He was nervous riding alongside me with this gold we carry. You never know about ...bandits."

    The mayor nodded , "Hey its fine. People value land in this world. But the deeds and gold seem to be in order. Its out in the middle of nowhere of course and its a 20 mile ride into town as you know. Of course you do have one neighbor..."

    Mr. Wolf quickly chimed in , "We agreed no neighbors. You said the land was off alone."

    The sheriff and mayor looked a bit nervous . The Sheriff finally spoke up , "Well its Mason Jack. He owns the farm land to the south , we forgot about him. He's a farmer. Comes to this town once a month for supplies. Been away for a couple years fighting in the war between the states during this time."

    "Can we speak alone a few minutes ? Me and my friend will have to discuss this." Mr. Cole replied. The two men soon walked outside to the puzzlement of the mayor and sheriff.

    Outside Mr. Wolf and Mr. Cole stood and looked over the town . Then the younger man spoke up , "Town is perfect and small. No one will notice us blending in at times. But the land we needed , has a mundy family below it. This ain't good Cole."

    "I know Bigby , I know. But this is perfect place to find our bearings awhile and live. Maybe you can talk to this Mason Jack and talk him into selling his land." Cole answered.

    Bigby gave a look and slowly smoked a cigarette , "Talk ...or something else ?"

    "Talk , Bigby , we can use spells to disguise the Farm as we'll call it. But go speak to this Mason Jack after we do this deal." Cole said sternly. With that the two men walked inside the office to complete the deal.

    ************************************************** *******
    Mason Jack Farm

    The bearded graying man worked in the field as his young son watched. The 12 year old boy watched his father drive the fence stumps into the ground with some force as the heat bore down on him. He would hand his father the boards and more. Even holding some once driven down as the older man smiled and wiped his face.

    "Cody , one day you'll be doing this and I'll be watching." the older man teased.

    "No way dad , you'll never step back and let others do something." his son quickly said.

    The old man finished and wiped his face with a rag , "We all get old Cody. No one lasts forever in this world son. I seen that personally."

    The boy saw his dad give a look of fear in a way as its a look he had given at times since coming home from the war. That there was times he'd be the same Mason Jack and then his mind would flash to that.

    "Dad , do you...still get the nightmares ?" his boy asked.

    After a slow minute his dad turned back , "Not as much. Cody , I don't want to speak about that ok. Your mom worries enough about me."

    As the 2 went to the wagon to load the boards , the older man saw dust coming up the path. Someone was riding up as he quickly walked over and strapped his gun belt around his waist. Checking his gun to be sure its loaded as he sit down to act cool.

    "Cody go inside...don't come out." is all he said as the boy nodded.

    The man was alone as it was Mr. Wolf as he rode up and did his hat as he noticed the gun to the man's side. Bigby Wolf quickly said , "I'm not armed , are you Mason Jack ?"

    "That I am , and you are ?" he asked.

    "My names Bigby Wolf. We just bought 200 acres above your farm and I wanted to meet the neighbors." the man said getting off the horse.

    Mason checked the stranger over as he saw no guns or even a shot gun on his horse. Which was strange as he removed his gun belt , "No gun or anything Mr. Wolf ? I mean were still out in a bit of frontier here."

    The two men shook hands , "I don't believe in carrying guns beyond hunting. Besides I heard you were a good man from the town. I was gonna dicuss-"

    A woman's voice piped in interrupting Bigby , "Mason , supper is ready and ...oh I'm sorry I didn't know someone was out here."

    Bigby studied her , she was an attractive brown haired woman in her 30's and behind her was 2 smaller children. Bigby saw the younger kids as Mason ran over and picked one up on his shoulder in quick fashion , "Well we have a guest and new neighbor Maria. This here is Bigby Wolf , his family just bought the land above us."

    The woman quickly walked over and shook his hand , "Well since your here your gonna have to have supper with us. Come on..."

    Bigby gave a look as Mason chuckled as the one young kid had came over and pulled him , "Never argue with a woman. It doesn't pay off Bigby. Best eat with us and we can talk."

    Hours passed as Bigby Wolf and Mason Jack sit on the porch and smoked together. The two men joked around and more as Bigby glanced over the farm and family that ran this. His eyes studied the mundy who seemingly was not so terrible or naive. That this Mason Jack was a very interesting character he had learned at the dinner table.

    "If you need any help or advice farming wise , Bigby ...I'll be here to offer it for your people. I have kept this running for a number of years and farming ain't easy. But it has its own rewards." Mason said .

    "Would you ...ever sell out Mason ? I mean have you ever thought of it ?" Bigby asked.

    With a slow smoke , Mason looked up at the full moon , "One time as a young one I thought about it. But now , I just wanna work and feed my family. Do for them. No more taking off for wars or anything silly . I want them to have something when I'm gone and this can be for them. We all gotta pass something on Bigby."

    Bigby studied the man as he saw a glimpse of himself. A man who was tired of war as he had learned who just wanted to live with his family and in peace. Bigby smiled , "Ya know Mason ...i think we'll be good neighbors. Your a good man."

    With that the two men shared a laugh as they smoked the rest of the evening.

    end of part #1
    "The story so far: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible." - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

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    Months Later

    King Cole studied the plans as the land was being cleared with trees coming down. Beside him was a beautiful brunette lady checking over the books as they watched the trees slowly come down. She was wearing glances and her skin was perfect white.

    "Damn Bigby had one job , get that mundy family below us to sell. And instead he becomes best friends with the guy." Cole said outta nowhere.

    "They haven't came up this far , Cole. I'm sure Bigby had his reasons for not pushing the sale." the lady answered.

    King Cole shook his head and paced , "Well , spells only work so well , Snow White. We will have to use the town as the main hub and keep the Farm off limits away from this Mason Jack and his family. Can't risk them discovering anything."

    Riding from the horse stall was Bigby Wolf as he had a shot gun strapped to the side as Snow watched and asked, "So where are you going Bigby ?"

    "Going hunting with Mason. Gonna try and kill some deer for us all." he answered as Cole gave a look.

    "Bigby , your supposed to be getting him to sell the land. Its been months and all you have done is go hunting with this mundy." Cole said in frustration.

    "Well Cole , you and others want fed right ? This is how we do it. And I'll talk to Mason when I feel its right." he said with a growl in his voice. With that Bigby rode off into the distance.

    Cole shook his head and muttered , "Tell me again why we used magic to allow the Big Bad Wolf to turn into a human appearance."

    ************************************************** **********************
    On the Hunt

    The two men walked slowly through the woods as it was getting fall of the year. The weather was colder as Bigby did a cough looking for his cigarette to warm himself. Mason opened his coat and handed him a flask he had brought .

    "Maria thought we'd get cold. Got some fine whisky here." Mason chuckled as he let Bigby take a drink.

    "That is a good woman to do that." Bigby laughed coughing a bit.

    Mason took the flask and drank some , "Uh huh , like that Ms. White in town I see you talking to at times."

    The two walked as Bigby gave a slow response , "T-That is kinda complicated Mason. A long story."

    "Bigby I see the way you look at her at times. Make it less complicated and become part of her story." Mason answered with a smile.

    "Yeah I'll do that at my own time. So we gonna hunt or you gonna talk bout my love life ?" Bigby joked sarcastically.

    Mason shared a laugh , "Hey we have a few days of hunting so we can do both I'm sure."

    The two men heard a noise as Bigby did a shhh sound as they both nodded. They soon saw a deer come out as both men went to aim slowly. To not spook the deer.

    Bigby asked , "You want the shot or me ?"

    "Your feeding more people than me. This is yours Bigby. Take the shot." Mason whispered.

    With that said Bigby took the shot and killed the deer with ease. They both started to lower their guns and walk over close. Suddenly out of nowhere the bushes parted and trees cracked as a big grizzly bear suddenly emerged. The two men jumped as Mason still had a shell in his rifle.

    "Bigby run , I got a shell ! Go !" He yelled as the Grizzly stood up roaring. Bigby stood and realized he could transform but the mundy would see this transformation.

    "Damn it , I said GO ! I'll by us some time." he yelled as he fired the gun into the Grizzly. Bigby had started to back up and saw the Grizzly lunge forward and take a swipe at Mason Jack's stomach as he went flying.

    I have to transform or Mason's dead. He maybe dead...damn it.

    Bigby quickly growled in anger , transforming half into his wolf state and attacking the grizzly with force. Killing it by snapping its neck. He calmed himself down seconds later and ran over as Mason Jack laid with his stomach bleeding.

    I have to get him back to the Farm . He'll die without help from us. Swineheart can save him. Cole won't like this but to hell with that.

    "B-B-Bigby , told you to run." he breathed slowly.

    "Yeah well , I don't run away from anything. Hold on Mason." Bigby answered by throwing him over his back as he started to run.

    ************************************************** **************
    The Farm

    "Damn it Bigby , you brought a mundy to the Farm ? Are you crazy or just stupid ?" asked King Cole as he stormed into the building.

    There laying was Mason Jack bleeding on the table as the Doctor was covered in blood himself with Bigby. Snow White had followed Cole in as well as another skinny man with wire rim glasses.

    "You are gonna ruin everything we have planned ahead , Wolf. I told you we shouldn't put someone who can't think logically in charge of this." said the skinny man.

    "He tried to save my life Coal ! So you two best go outside right now . Don't make me ask twice Coal or Crane !" Bigby thundered as his eyes glowed.

    Snow White quickly stepped in between them , "Look , look lets all calm down. This man doesn't even know where he's at."

    The doctor walked over , "Yes he's passed out due to blood loss. But he's lost a large amount of blood and will need a transfusion of blood to save him. I used the magic stitches so they will hold. But he needs that transfusion."

    The fables all looked around at each other as Bigby stepped up , "Can you give him some of my blood Swineheart ?"

    "Your a fable Bigby as we all are. He's a mundy and we have no idea how his body will react to this blood." Swineheart answered.

    "This is crazy ! You wanna give him some of your blood Wolf ? He's a mundy and we should - " Crane started.

    Bigby quickly interjected , "If you finish that sentence you will regret it. He saved my life , he's owed a debt by me. Now can it be done Swineheart ?"

    The Doctor looked at Bigby & the others and then the dying man on his table , "I made a pledge as a doctor to save lives. Bigby lay on the table and I'll do what I can."

    King Cole and Crane walked outside in a huff shaking their heads. Snow closed the door as Bigby removed his shift , taking his place on the table beside Mason Jack.

    "Bigby , I can't make promises. But I'll do all I can to save him you understand." - Swineheart said.

    "That is fine Doc. I trust you..." - he replied.

    Bigby looked over at his friend and knew that the next few hours would be very stressful.

    "The story so far: As usual, Ginger and I are engaged in our quest to find out what the hell is going on and save humanity from my nemesis, some bastard who is presumably responsible." - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

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