People , SuperE has a problem. A major issue that is impacting his life force. Something that is making him struggle in day to day existence. Yes folks , SuperE has an addiction. And no its not to drugs , alcohol , pills , smoking etc. Its my addiction to video games. I mean lets examine the 1st addiction folks how I have suffered with this.

Yes folks I will sit and play games a lot. In fact I have denied myself sleep to get past that level in Uncharted to earn that trophy. I have became so obsessed I will sit in an internet cafe and game for days ! Hell my wife even left me once cause I couldn't stop playing Fallout 4. I was like , listen bitch ...this is Fallout 4. Your gonna have to understand that some things are important and I have to settle Boston in this game.

One day I was so obsessed , I never realized she had striped naked in kitchen and all. My life was dedicated to beating Fallout 4. She would just have to understand that this is what matters. Anyhow she left me but once I finished the game she came back. Of course I now just bought the Game of the Year edition with all the DLC. So good-bye honey , Fallout 4 Complete Edition is calling !

At work I once called in a month to play the last Elder Scrolls. In fact the boss called me and was like , dude when are ya coming to work ? I was like fuck off dude ...I gotta beat some Skyrim. Of course he fired me but that guy gotta understand Elder Scrolls was calling. Some things in life are more important than work.

In a perfect world I could live like the guy off Office Space and do nothing. Or hell maybe like the kids off South Park when they played Warcraft.