So Brian Cronin finished compiling the voted list for the 80th Anniversary

Nice write ups and choice scene selections to demonstrate the stories. Here's the list


40. “Time and Time Again” 39. “The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue” 38. “Final Crisis” 37. “Champion of the Oppressed” 36. “Peace on Earth” 35. “For Tomorrow” 34. “The Secret Revealed” 33. “Last Son” 32. “Exile” 31. “Kryptonite Nevermore” 30. “The Showdown Between Luthor and Superman” 29. “Superman Under the Red Sun 28. “Brainiac” 27. “Funeral for a Friend” 26. “Superman’s Race With the Flash” 25. “The Living Legends of Superman” 24. “The Origin of Superman” 23. “Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes” 22. “The Supergirl from Krypton” 21. “Reign of the Supermen” 20. “Must There be a Superman” 19. “Truth” 18. “The Girl from Superman's Past” 17. “The Last Days of Superman” 16. “Up, Up, and Away” 15. “The Death of Superman” 14. “The Life Story of Superman” 13. “The Death of Superman (Superman #149)” 12. “Birthright” 11. “Superman for All Seasons” 10. “Kingdom Come” 9. “Red Son” 8. “Man of Steel” 7. “What’s So Funny about Truth, Justice & the American Way” 6. “Superman and the Fiend from Dimension 5” 5. “Secret Identity” 4. “Return to Krypton” 3. “Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow” 2. “All-Star Superman” 1. “For the Man Who Has Everything”

Lois Lane
40. “Lois' Super-Gamble” 39. “Whom Gods Destroy” 38. “My Death... by Lois Lane” 37. “Black Dawn” 36. “Who Killed Superwoman” 35. “The Turnabout Super Powers” 34. “From the Heart” 33. “Have You Ever Told Me The Story of My Life” 32. “Wedding Daze” 31. “From Krypton with Love” 30. “Pantheon” 29. “The Devil's Bride” 28. “The Road Least Traveled” 27. “The Romance of Superbaby and Baby Lois” 26. “True Love” 25. “How Lois Got Her Job” 24. “The Wedding Album” 23. “The New Lois Lane” 22. “Visitor” 21. “Back at the Planet” 20. “Superman's Fiancee, Lois Lane” 19. “Superman's Phony Manager” 18. “Lois Lane’s Super-Perfect Crime” 17. “The War Within” 16. “Secrets in the Night” 15. “Girlfrenzy” 14. “Lois and Clark” 13. “For a Thousand Years” 12. “Get Out of My Life, Superman” 11. “Lois Lane’s Romance with Jor-El” 10. “With This Ring” 9. “Who Killed Lucy Lane” 8. “Unconventional Warfare” 7. “Superman Takes a Wife” 6. “When It Rains, God Is Crying” 5. “Enemy Mine” 4. “I Am Curious (Black)” 3. “She's a Wonder” 2. “Superman’s Forbidden Room”/”Sweet Dreams, Superwoman…” 1. “Story of the Century”
end of spoilers

So a couple of those surprise me and there are largely some impressive deep cuts. I honestly regret not taking the time to try, although figuring out my own rankings seemed a little daunting. Guess I should have maybe mentioned it around here for others, haha.