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    DMC x Bayonetta x DmC

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    God of War and Darksiders. Kratos and the Riders take on the charred council.

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    For a change of pace, something that doesn't involve a Sega property:

    Spider-Man X Gravity Rush

    Kat's and Peter's personality and terrible luck seem like their would mesh well together, and the Gravity Queen's movement mechanics are very similar to and every bit as fun as Spider-Man's. I'd love to see a GR sequel with the tighter controls and minimap of SM, and a SM sequel with sidequests as weird as GR's could get.

    Plus the opportunity to see a GR-style combination finisher where Kat's using Lunar Style to warp kick all over the boss while Pete's going full on Maximum Spider on their opponent, assume ending with her switching to Jupiter Style for an extra-heavy Gravity Kick ampilfied by him using webbing and Spider-Strength to launch her down even harder would be super cool, as would having Pete be her mentor in being a Friendly Neighborhood Super Hero and intrepid photographer while having to crash at her surprisingly cozy sewer when he gets evicted abrasion.
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