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    Default Kain (Legacy of Kain) vs Dracula (Castlevania)

    Round 1: Kain vs Original Dracula

    Round 2: Kain vs Lords of Shadow Dracula

    Kain has all powers and weapons from his series. Same as the Draculas.

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    Hmmm.. This is a interesting fight actually. While Original series Dracula was their worlds version, Of Satan. The latter was in same ball park as Satan (defeating said Guy in combat. )

    Shadows Dracula had a damn good feat in tanking a holy magic nuke which could be seen from orbit too.

    I do believe Dracula has a soul, and that is his unmaking however. Kain is extremely fast, has tons of powers for diverse stuff, and a sword that can kill anything, including time paradoxs. One good stab or slash and that’s it.

    Original Dracula was weak due to Belmont’s/characters Having inherent magic poetical. In Shadow he always manage to make himself outbweaker due to plot (first game was mortal man I think.)

    But yeah still giving it to Kain. A hyper competent demigod who plays time travel chess andcwas on the verge of winning the end game. ( but then the series was cancelled.)

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