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    Default Lex Luthor vs. Reed Richards in BUSINESS

    I think we can all agree that Reed usually wins the smartest kid on the block awards. But how would he fare in an area that he has no real prior experience?

    They are both given 5 million dollars and a small team of loyal associates. None of their previous resources.

    Whoever can start a new business and turn it into a top 10 moneymaker in the country first wins.

    1: pre crisis lex.

    2: post crisis
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    Is Reed allowed to use his tech indirectly? For example, taking a trip to the future, seeing what stocks explode in value, and investing accordingly?

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    Yeah Reed is not the best businessman, just one hell of a inventor. He does pay the bills with somethings ( like ice cream that burns calories, Science magic right?)

    Pre crisis lex is way more Reed with inventing stuff. Post, is the business man deal.

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    Pre-Crisis Lex has trouble with his investors because he keeps showing up for board meetings either in prison grays or garish power armor. Post-Crisis Lex is all business all the time. Lex easily wins either way, as Reed is so careless with money that he went bankrupt at one point.

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    Pre-Crisis, it's pretty even. Post-Crisis, Red gets obsessed with a new invention and forgets all about the business aspects.
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    Reed writes a stock picking computer program, creates a hedge fund, and lets the program make him multiple billions of dollars while he engages in other activities.

    Sometime later, when Reed goes to the next board meeting, he discovers that Lex has secretly bought out all his partners as of the very first day, and Reed has been working for him all along.

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