Hey Rumbles!

Okay so, after rereading some of my favorite Image stuff, I thought about how one of my favorite characters, Frank Einstein, would be rated in Rumbles. Iíve got him ranked as street tier and thankfully thereís a respect thread on the internet that compiled some of his best feats. With that said, I have an idea for a gauntlet of five characters for him to fight. One hour break between each fight and two different versions (PIS/CIS on, PIS/CIS off) for the gauntlet.

Respect thread: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.red...ampf=undefined

Match 1: Nightwing

Match 2: Batman

Match 3: Daredevil

Match 4: Deathstroke

Match 5: Captain America (w/o shield)

How far does he get? Does he clear?