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    Default Funny Science in Marvel Comics

    I'm hesitant to post this topic because I am worried about the response this is going to generate, but I could use some advice from all of you very knowledgeable people who have been following Marvel comics for some time.

    I just recently got into comics and I've mostly only read Ant-Man comics as he is my favorite character. Recently though, while looking up information about some of the more recent runs that he is a part of I had the misfortune of coming across an "internet personality" of sorts who has garnered an impressive following making fun of some more modern Marvel characters saying or doing science-y things that really aren't accurate or true.

    Without getting into too much detail, he's basically arguing that having these characters "wuv da science," as he calls it, is part of some conspiracy by a certain group of people.

    Now my question for you fine folks is--and forgive me in advance for my ignorance--hasn't bad/silly/inaccurate science been a part of many Marvel plots and origin stories since the very beginning? Aren't comics about Hank Pym, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Peter Parker (and most of his enemies), the X-Men, etc. full of pseudo-science, exaggeration, and intentionally mis-interpreted scientific ideas?

    And if that is this case, why were people OK with these plot-lines before but not OK with them now when characters like Ms. Marvel and the Wasp are involved?

    Thanks for any light you guys can shed on this subject and all contributions are greatly appreciated!
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    Certain people have made a name for themselves by mocking Marvel Comics and their creators. Notice that they aren't doing multiple videos making fun of the pseudo-science in DC or indie comics... they'll mock comics certain creators do for Marvel but not titles those same creators do for other's cuz they get more hits making fun of Marvel. I'd say don't worry about it. Buy the comics you like and forget about what certain folks say when they're clearly trying to cause controversy for their own gain.

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    You're absolutely correct in regards to the Marvel Universe (and really ALL superhero universes) being rife with pseudo-science from the beginning. Stan Lee has commented many times about how ridiculous his own explanations were in the 60's when it came to science and flat out admitted that he knew virtually nothing about radiation, physics, etc. They were trying to write fun adventure stories while also giving the illusion of scientific realism at the same time. When it comes to accuracy (even historic) most creative types almost always sacrifice realism and accuracy for fun, entertainment and drama.

    I think the reason fans nitpick certain things now is manifold, but a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that more people know more about science than they did in the 60's, if only because of the internet. You also have to take into account that comics have always had an appeal to certain highly educated "science nerd" types who actually know the science.

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