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    Three announcements, Multiversity's got 'em:

    John Arcudi is writing a Crimson Lotus book! Holy crap! That's gonna be great.

    And the Winter Special will have a Mignola/Stenbeck Hellboy story, Zonjic Lobster, and BPRD Vampire! Damn, that's a hell of a lineup!
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    Finally, some new Lobster Johnson!


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    Awesome! Crimson Lotus is such a cool villain, stoked she's getting the miniseries treatment.

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    Great news, so many goodies in those three titles

    DHC have posted on their own page too -

    And more news incoming from SDCC about 2019 -
    "For more information about the Mignolaverse comic books and graphic novels, as well as announcements of Dark Horse Comics’ plans for 2019 to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the first Hellboy comic book, Hellboy: Seed of Destruction, follow the company on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram."
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