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    Quote Originally Posted by DrNewGod View Post
    I thought it a brilliant arc, and don't see it as a waste of a great character if their demise makes a powerful story.

    I remember being shocked by her seduction and unraveling because she did enter the picture as such a powerful figure. It seems to me that Perez's purpose was to force Wonder Woman (still something of A Stranger In A Strange Land at this point) to come to grips with the idea that the flaws that drive people to excel often drive them to their doom (a very Greek Tragedy story, and Perez was playing the Greek Heritage riffs hard at the time). It also drove home the idea that Perez's Wonder Woman was set in a world where life is uncertain, and consequences are meaningful.
    Great analysis of the themes that Myndi brought to the book in relation to Diana's character. I agree that her death was a powerful story. I just miss her because she was a great character to have around. She brought a lot of life to the book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriand'r View Post
    Myndi had a sympathetic side. She was very nice to Vanessa, gifting her WW merchandise and inquiring about her boyfriend. She also had a gay brother she championed and lent her support to. She convinced him to be himself and come out of the closet and then called her lawyers when he was subsequently fired from his job. She had a complicated relationship with her father, he threw her out of the house as a teenager. That lit the spark that drove her to be successful. In a bid to regain his love, she eventually used her money to care for him, but by this point his Alzheimers was so bad he didn't even recognize her. Myndi's disapproving housewife sister got all the credit. This lead her to drink more and cocaine entered the picture once she met Skeeter Boyd. Dating him was her downfall. He got her hooked on drugs and was in the process of destroying her business by supplying cocaine to some of her clients, other clients found out and got new publicists, there were several lawsuits filed against the Mayer Agency. In her will she bequeathed a large sum to the Wonder Woman Foundation to further Diana's work and wanted her ashes spread around Paradise Island. I just re-read Wonder Woman #20 "Who killed Myndi Mayer?" and it's epilogue in Wonder Woman Annual #1, it truly is a great story. I had forgotten all the red herrings and twists and turns and much of the backstory. I highly recommend them, Perez is a genius!
    I remember now. She did ask about Vanessa's boyfriend and she's also very polite to Chuma. She didn't know that Barbara was lying to Diana about the lasso and genuinely apologized, but Julia has been warning Diana about both Myndi and Barbara so she was just so disappointed and angry she left both of them.

    Those scenes are where I see that signs, even as a child reading it I can tell she cares.

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    I liked her. She was the best part of the early Perez issues.

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    Great character. Love her.

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