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    Default So who is the story group and what are their main functions?

    Really interesting stuff. Multiple links. Here is a taste. Link below that.

    "I have seen this question asked multiple times on here. People don't really know who they are and what they do but when the canon wipe came they were sold as being the key to the NEU. So what is the purpose of the story group,who are they, what do they do, and what have they done before?

    The Lucasfilm story group was created in 2013 by Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm VP Kiri Hart with the goal of abolishing the canon hierarchy and is responsible for determining what is canon and noncanon for the star wars universe...."
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    Probably have no idea. Disney Star Wars sucks.

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    Interview with Pablo Hidalgo of the story group. At the 14 minute mark he describes how it got started etc.

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