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I just got a chance to watch this. I was so excited because I love the original comic. Its probably one of my favorite Batman stories. However, after watching this movie, I just feel gyped. I just don't get why DC says they want to adapt some of their classic stories, but then they end up making major changes to the plot that move these animated features so far away from the original comics.

First, it was how Reign of the Supermen ended up with Darkseid apparently pulling the strings behind Cyborg Superman, even though Darkseid was never a part of the Death of Superman saga and Cyborg Superman was the mastermind in that book. Now its this twist with spoilers:
Riddler being Hush instead of Tommy Elliot
end of spoilers.

I mean, if you say you want to adapt a story, why don't you ya know adapt the story as its written. I expect now if they ever get around to doing Knightfall, they'll sub in Bat-Mite for Bane.
"Adapt" in this case literally means "to alter a text to make it suitable for filming" according to the Oxford dictionary. They took the original story and adapted it. It wasn't meant as a translation of the original story, or a 1:1 retelling.