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    $150 per month. But i lost it and bought 4 Omnibuses in June and 2 Omnibuses in early July... And we will see about Agust... Buying 6 Omnibuses + some manga like that was really hard on the budget... I may get nothing at Agust.

    I got:

    Infinite Crisis
    Wonder Woman by Perez, vol. 3
    Weapon X: The Return
    HQ and Gotham City Sirens
    Avengers by Hickman, vol. 2
    Batman by Morrison

    I want the Punisher Max by Ennis, vol. 2 and Runaways, ExMachina and Absolute Sandman Overture but i think i can only get one of them in Agust, if i can get anything at all...
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    Probably around $50 or so per month. I make heavy use of a pull-file, so when I go over budget, it is easy enough to leave stuff on hold (and catch up during lighter weeks).
    Current pull-file:
    -Captain America
    -Mega Man: Master Mix
    -Tony Stark: Iron Man
    -Transformers: Unicron


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    I have a self-imposed budget limit of $20-$25 U.S.D per week. Individual issues and trades are all lumped into that budget. So I try to be pretty disciplined on what I pick up from week to week. Given that some of the ongoings on my pull list will go on hiatus from time to time; I feel like I manage to keep on budget.

    This week, I will be picking up 2 individual issues; next week, it's just one. Both weeks are under my weekly budget cap; so I will pick up those few issues and roll the weekly budget surplus over for the future. I don't make binge purchases and try to research every new title that I do buy. On those weeks when none of my pulls are shipping; I don't even bother to walk into my LCS. This helps eliminate the possibility of temptation/impulse purchases.
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    My monthly comic budget and my collections budget are different.

    Monthly comics >$75
    Collections is $200-250
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