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    Quote Originally Posted by Crimz View Post
    Yeah a lot of villains are in need of development or retiring. Like Mole Man, I just don't see him as a threat to the FF anymore and he should be used by another hero.
    I think part of the problem is the overuse of Dr Doom, he's the villain that most runs eventually fall back on as it's easier to do than trying to make other ones compelling too. That's why I hope Slott's run rarely uses Doom and focuses on less developed and new villains. Doom can face other heroes in the MU for a while.
    I would agree with that, there was actually a fairly recent Daredevil story that developed the Mole Man's back story and gives him a sad moment, but it likely will never be mentioned again.

    Fro while there was a story where Wizard had a mental break down, with him talking about God all the time, that was kinda interesting, but it didn't go anywhere and then ended in some mini series in unspectacular fashion and for what, to tell the same ''Wizard creates a Frightful Four group to oppose the FF'' story we have seen 500 times already.

    Red Ghost is a character you take in a million directions, you make him some scum bag who works for the Russian government or the Russian mafia or you can make him a well intentioned extremist who believes he is fighting for the working class. Anything is better then the Cold War cliche he is now.

    There are ton of interesting thinks you can do with Mad Thinker.

    There was even a short story from the 90s (non cannon clearly) where Trapster tried to reform, he failed obviously, but it gave the character a moment of humanity, rather then the one note cartoon bad guy he is often in the comics.

    But you have to take these characters out their boxes, not only should these characters have more developed rivalries with the heroes and not just the same old stale rivalry with Reed, but their characters more developed so we care more about it. Give FF members reasons to hate some of these villains or find them creepy or pitiable or anything other then seeing them as obstacle to be removed. Maybe have the FF members disagree as whether a villain is pitiable or not or have one FF member hate a villain far more then the other members do. If the writers want to keep on using these characters, do something different with them and make it stick, rather then falling back into the same cliches from the 60s.
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