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    Post Variance - New Metahuman Webcomic Series

    Hey everyone!

    We have a team of writers and artist working hard on a new project to show everyone! We are working on a new metahuman/superhero comic. We will be posting the comic pages on here as well as links to the sites for you guys to check it out. The comic pages we post on here will be pages that have been out for weeks, check out the links below to see where it currently stands. We are working hard to write and draw a fun story that we think people will enjoy. We will be using this forum post to show off everything we have so far, and to interact with anyone who's interested in the comic or who wants to show us some love and appreciation. Please be on the look out for new posts from us as we show off more.

    Here are some links to check out some of the work from our creators on this project:
    Lin (Writer) -
    Julia (Artist) -

    Here are the links to our social media accounts, so you can follow us online:
    Twitter -
    Tumblr -

    Here are the links to the sites for you to see the full comic (every Wednesday at 2:00pm EST):
    Comic Fury -
    Tapas -
    Smack Jeeves -
    Duck Webcomics -

    The description of the comic:

    The world has been twisted, an alien invasion has turned the Earth on its head. Banding together, the forces of Earth were able to destroy the alien threat. After the war, the world was ever paranoid, ever focused on the next war so promised by the alien invaders. Variance takes place in the near future, the world has become a land of plenty, alien technology has been integrated into everyday life and superhumans now a common occurrence. This picturesque world is controlled by a shadowy and oppressive force seeking to abduct and train these superhumans, for the goal of creating an army capable of fighting against the alien threat in the promised upcoming war. Many have an opposition to the new government’s brutal methods. Carmen, a newly awoken superhuman, is thrust into the battle and becomes enthralled in the conspiracies present on all sides. How will she manage to walk through the complex and brutal world that wants her for its own plans? Conspiracy, morality, action and the blurred lines between good and evil, Variance is a story that takes the expected tropes and twists them into something new.

    The Major Players:

    These are the super powered people that exist in our universe. Their powers are the result of government testing with alien DNA. The general public is unaware to how so many people have become Variants, all that is generally known is that they started popping up after the alien war. The government has put the blame on the aliens, as a way to create unity between humans while creating distrust and fear around Variants. Early on a few bad Variants have caused trouble, now being a Variant means that you are marked in society as an unwanted. It’s you patriotic duty to report Variants, so that they may be detained and controlled. What ever causes Variants, only seems to effect the young. You develop and show signs of powers at age 16, and mysteriously lose them at age 30.

    UTDC (United Territories Defense Council):
    This is the newly formed government. During the alien war, all of the governments of the world united their resources in order to defeat their invaders. This new government was the result of their efforts to win. After the war, the UTDC began to take over everything in the name of world protection. Everything was split up between the major players, and they could rule the world as they saw fit. During this new found peace, the UTDC has been studying and abducting the newly discovered powered people of the world. The hopes is to use them as weapons in the coming intergalactic war, but for now they are the UTDC’s play things to poke and prod as they please. They use fear, secrecy, and the patriotic nature of people, in order to keep everyone in line.

    The Resistance:
    There have been many failed Resistances in this time of peace. Many of them have been crushed by the military might of the UTDC. This new Resistance is trying their best to stick to the shadows and operate in a manner to not draw too much attention to themselves. They have been painted as terrorist who want to bring down the world around them and expose the Earth so that the next alien threat can destroy them. This lie that the government has built has destroyed public opinion of the Resistance. The truth is that many of them are Variants who wish to expose the UTDC for who they are, and protect their families. Operating in the shadows an only work for long, at some point this Resistance will have to make a big move that shows they mean business.

    Finally, some initial art!

    Series Cover

    Alice Brown and Carmen Hernandez

    Carmen Hernandez is our main character. She has the power to manipulate electricity and she’s an avid field hockey player. The story follows her as she discovers her powers, and walks into a world she doesn’t really understand. By her side is her best friend Alice Brown. Alice is a very smart teenager and loyal friend to Carmen. They’ve been friends forever, and plan on keeping it that way.


    Rochelle is our bad ass of the story (because every good story has one). She’s a part of the resistance who is planing to over throw the Government. She has the power to replicate animal biology. Her powers give her a deep connection to the animals, and the world around her, and this is how she’s built the connection she has with her pet tiger.

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    Isaac Carter and Lily Tran

    Isaac Carters and Lily Tran are two of the Resistance Generals based in North America. Isaac has the ability to manipulate Fire and Solar energy. He’s a fun leader, and described as a “Leader for the People”. Lily has the ability to make duplicates of herself, as well as copy another person’s powers. She’s a tactical genius, and loves to get involved in hand-to-hand combat.

    Hatchet (in Chibi form!) and Olivia Bennet

    Hatchet and Olivia Bennet are two big names of the Resistance. Hatchet is a curious character to follow. Her past is mysterious to everyone in the Resistance, but she does great work as a technical innovator so no one questions it. Her power set is a boomerang effect that she has on items. Anything she touches, she can call back to her, and it comes in hot (literally) and burns anyone who touches it. Olivia is another Resistance General based in North America. She has the ability to manipulate art and travel through art. Her powers allow her to bring any piece of art to life, and follow her orders. She’s a free spirit, with an army of tattoos to help her out whenever she’s in need.

    Ethan Hughes and Paul Lewis

    Ethan is the leader of the Resistance in North America. He doesn’t have powers anymore, but has used his experience to help the Resistance fight back against the government. He’s faced many tragedies in his life, but decides to use his voice for good and has become the soul of the Resistance. Paul Lewis on the other hand, is one of the North American Generals of the UTDC. He’s one of the few in charge that don’t always agree with the UTDC’s methods, but agrees that the world needs to be kept in order.

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    Dexter Walker and Edgar Martinez

    Dexter Walker and Edgar Martinez are two more generals for the North America branch of the UTDC. Dexter’s family has a long history of being in the UTDC and in positions of power. He knows his family name holds weight, and chooses to wield it for his own good. Edgar is a smart and arrogant man. His brilliance has earned him his spot as a leader for the UTDC, and his research on Variants keeps him around.

    John Hill and Sophia Scott

    John Hill is the strong leader of the North America branch of the UTDC. He has done many things in the name of peace, and guiding our world to be ready for another attack. He knows his time is coming to an end, and plans on doing what he can to leave his mark on the world before he goes. Sophia is as ruthless leader, and one of the generals of the North America branch of the UTDC. She has a scary demeanor about her, and has no problem doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. Many have crumbled before her, and many more will continue to feel her wrath.

    UTDC Soldier Uniform

    Hope you enjoyed this look into this comic we’ve created, and we would love to get some feedback from you guys. Be sure to check out our comic every Wednesday at 2:00pm EST!


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    Cover for Chapter 1

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    Chapter 1 Page 1

    This page is from 3 weeks ago, be sure to check out one of the links below to catch up on what’s going on now!

    Comic Fury -
    Tapas -
    Smack Jeeves -
    Duck Webcomics -

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