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    Default Rumblers League (Live Action Edition): Interest/Sign-up Thread

    Okay, so I intend to start a new Rumblers League, but I want it to be:

    a) Less powerful than previous ones.
    b) More manageable for me as the person running it.
    c) Different to previous ones.

    ...all for the sake of both my sanity and keeping things interesting.

    Therefore, my idea is to run a live action edition.

    Here are just some of the things people will be able to pick characters and items from:
    - MCU movies.
    - MCU television shows.
    - DCEU movies.
    - The Arrowverse.
    - X-Men movies.
    - Past Marvel/DC movies (Raimi's Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man, Blade, Fantastic Four/Fant4stic, Reeve/Routh Superman, Supergirl, Affleck Daredevil, Watchmen, Ghost Rider, Green Lantern, Dark Knight, Keaton Batman, Jonah Hex, Steel etc).
    - Non-Marvel/DC comic book movies (Spawn, The Mask, Hellboy, The Crow, Phantom, Tank Girl etc).
    - Other comic TV shows (Lois and Clark, 60s Batman, Smallville, Blade: The Series etc).
    - Miscellaneous superhuman movies (Hancock, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Sky High, Chronicle, Jumper, Masters of the Universe etc).
    - Every single horror movie ever made.
    - Every single action movie ever made (Rambo, Die Hard, Mission Impossible, Bourne, Expendables, Commando, The Running Man etc).
    - Epic historical/mythological type movies (Gladiator, Troy, Immortals, Clash of the Titans, Jason and the Argonauts).
    - Star Wars.
    - Star Trek.
    - Lord of the Rings.
    - Harry Potter.
    - Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
    - Heroes.
    - Doctor Who/Torchwood.
    - The Walking Dead.
    - Lost.
    - The Terminator series.
    - Alien/Predator movies.
    - A bunch of other sci-fi stuff (War of the Worlds, Independence Day, District 9, Battle Los Angeles, The Day the Earth Stood Still etc).
    - King Kong/Godzilla type stuff.
    - Supernatural.
    - Charmed.
    - Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
    - Power Rangers.
    - Super Sentai.
    - VR Troopers.
    - Professional wrestling (MMA and boxing as well, if you wish).

    So, could I ask who would be interested in this? Would anyone definitely sign-up?

    I would try to make it less complicated, with less commitment requirements than previous leagues, but there would still be a draft, item purchases, scheduled matches (perhaps every TWO weeks this time) etc.

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    Interesting mix up to the classic tourney. I'm down to do this.

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    eh I Won't be ridiculously OP, but since no-one ever buys my super broken ideas, it'll probably end up the same for me. I'm in.
    The MunchKING is Back! And he is AWSOME!

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    Sure I'm still in. At least this way we probably avoid someone putting in obscure characters whose feats are impossible to track down.

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    I'd like to give it a shot

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    Excellent. That's a good start.

    I like this on a visual level, too - i.e. I'll be able to picture/imagine what's going on a lot easier (rather than trying to picture 3D live action characters interacting with cartoons and comic book characters etc).

    With me, that's 5 entrants. A minimum of 3 more and we'd be good to go (Ideally, we'd get at least 10, but 8 would suffice).

    Out of interest, do any of you who took part in the previous league (after Tami took over the running of it from me) have a link to the most up-to-date draft list and store? Just so we can extract the live action characters/items from it and have something to start with before we start adding more.

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    I am interested, we are totally going to need to overhaul the draft lists though, and set new powercaps
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    Team list (to edit accordingly as new entrants emerge):

    Darth Drizzle
    The MunchKING
    Cleric of Hell’s Brigade
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