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    Default Infinity Wars + GotG connection

    Hello! I just read infinity Wars 1 after reading Infinity Wars Prime, but not reading Infinity Wars Countdown. While reading it it did kind of feel like there was some connection with what was going on in GotG comic. I was wondering, for people who have read GotG comic if you might have added depth to the story, in terms of characters motivations and things on that nature.

    I fully understood what was going on in Infinity Wars issue 1 and even tho I read a lot of ongoing marvel titles I did not read GotG and there were things that were different from when I left off (which was Bendis' run)

    Do you guys think I should go back and read GotG to get a deeper connection to Infinity Wars. I really enjoyed secret wars but enjoyed it even more after reading Hickman's FF run. I did not read any Captain America stuff and did not really enjoy Secret Empire. Could that be a reason why I did not enjoy Secret Empire? Or maybe it just wasnt that good.

    Anyway I would not be very excited to read Duggan's run on GotG I really dislike the art and the I prefer the pre movie era GotG personalities rather than their more comedic personalities. I will try to go back and read it though if it really will enhance my understanding of Infinity Wars


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    Infinity Countdown was originally meant to be the next arc of Guardians of the Galaxy, but got expanded into a mini-event in order to boost sales. Infinity Wars will be the conclusion of Duggan's run, and yes, it's all been one long story since he took over from Bendis. If you want to read IW, you need to go back and read IC. You can skip the Champions tie-in, it has nothing to do with the Infinity Stones (instead it serves to explain why Nova Sam Alexander isn't involved in Infinity Wars). The other tie-ins are pretty important though.

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