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    Default Cosmic Ghost Rider #3 Review/SPOILERS

    While I don't really have time to pump out a spoiler-y synopsis on this, I wanted to get a thread going in honor of one of the most bat-shit comics I've read lately.

    This is basically a Cable-led future Guardians of the Galaxy in an issue-long battle to try and wrest baby Thanos away from Frank Castle Ghost Rider.

    Absolutely anything goes here. Cates holds nothing back. I will say that if anyone was hoping for a lot of Juggerduck, they'll be out of luck but I don't think anyone will complain given the levels of glorious insanity that goes on here, all culminating in a last page reveal that is just...perfect.

    While I got a decent kick out of the first two issues of this series, this one really sends everything into overdrive.

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    Round up fan-favorites Kamala, Jubilee, Rocket Raccoon, and Howard The Duck, push them as the new Guardians of the Galaxy with fancy new looks and powers... and immediately kill them all instantly without a second thought.

    Yeah, I don't think they're coming back in any other books.
    end of spoilers
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    I loved this issue. I laughed at what happened to the future Guardians sooooo hard.
    DC, please give Jonah Hex a new solo.

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    Each issue has taken this story to a new level, but I have no idea what they can do to take it up further than this issue did.

    Unless we open up our copies next month and there is a black hole inside that just sucks us up.
    Baby Thanos

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    "Iron Groot. Rocket piloting a mech-suit made out of his tree buddy. Shut up. You like it."

    I think that line pretty much sums up everything anyone needs to know about this book.

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