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    Default The New World by Ales Kot & Tradd Moore

    Anyone else get the first issue? Completely blown away by Tradd's art per usual but was especially impressed this issue, as he's showing us his progression and how smooth and clean he's gotten in telling a story. Also loved the way the pages mirrored each, reminded me of renaissance art's use of balance and space. Very cool.

    The story is kind of a mix of a lot of sci-fi elements (Akira meets Running Man meets Judge Dredd meets Mad Max) but was light in tone and showed a kind of pop exuberance that you typically never get in post-apocalyptic stuff. Super curious to see where it goes. I heard its a mini-series, would have loved to see this as an on-going and really let it breath an explore this universe over time but imagine it would be difficult given the art committment.


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    The art was indeed impressive, but (for my aged eyeballs, at least) it was almost overwhelming. I was less captivated by the story, though. It seemed just a bit too derivative, but maybe that's because I'm currently reading too many other grim-future comics (e.g., "Oblivion Song", "Analog", "The Seeds", and others), and this felt like more of the same. As you say, it did have a bit lighter tone, but that reminded me somewhat of "Skyward" and "The Weatherman" mixed with the raves from "The Wicked + the Divine". (Maybe that's just me, of course.) I wish it had a bit more of a distinctive voice. I shall probably buy the next couple of issues and then decide whether to stick with it or not.
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