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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMaker1610 View Post
    Ultimate Spiderman (Pre-ultimatum)
    The whole Pandora's deal, that got absolutely nowhere, aside from a cameo in DC Rebirth, like 5 YEARS LATER
    DC seemingly changed the entire aspect of Pandora as we saw by 2013 and installed the whole 7 Deadly Sins aspect by the Forever Evil lead in. There was the Trinity of Sin branch of titles they did to explain more of the back story involving Pandora , The Question and Phantom Stranger. But all of them was cancelled because they were awful . Bt 2016 they decided to just kill off Pandora and never really bring up the Trinity of Sin at all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERECWFAN1 View Post
    Had Bakula not decided on doing Enterprise in 1999/2000 then we would have found out. Sci-Fi (now SyFy) was gonna do an updated series of Quantum Leap. The 2 hour movie would have Beckett's 2 kids decide to go find their father. Al I believe would not be involved and I believe that Sam Beckett would be found but his children was now leapers and he would have the Al role . With rotating episodes featuring his son and daughter taking his role having to fix things and hopefully leap home.
    There is still time for them to do this project. I hope!

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    Lex Luthor cooking up a plan with Owlman of the Crime Syndicate while he was a serving member of the Justice League in Geoff Johns' run.
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    Probably the only time anything like this has happened is when a line gets prematurely cancelled.

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    The fallout of Doomsday Clock. =)
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