I think there's a huge difference between changing something because a character's sales are down and they need to shake things up and changing something just because an editor or publisher just doesn't like it personally. Superman was rebooted in 1986 because there was an argument that if he had stayed on the path that he was on, his title would have died. It was a business decision. That's not the same thing as Joe Quesada undoing the Spider-Marriage just because he personally doesn't like it. It's not a secret that Didio has been trying to find various ways of getting rid of Dick Grayson for nearly 15 years now. All for personal reasons. Someone in upper management having a personal vendetta against a character or a story line is not a business decision. Marvel went bankrupt in the nineties because they tried to undo the Spider-Marriage and when that didn't take, instead of learning from it, Marvel just found another way of doing it.