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    Default Which one?: The One Punch Man universe or the My Hero Academia universe

    Whether you want to be a superhero or not, not having a choice in the matter you have to choose which universe you make your home from this point on.

    In my case I choose the One Punch Man universe, it just suits me better, along with the serious fact that if you want to be a superhero there no ones going to give you beef about killing the bad guys like they might in the My Hero Academia universe.

    Another thing, personally one of the things I don't like about the My Hero Academia universe is with the case with the Sports Festivals or other times, the story straight up ignores the lethal aspect of a number of the characters powers and how easy it is for them to kill someone by mistake: A perfect example of this is with the powers of Shouto Todoroki, with the first festival of the series I couldn't help but think about how crazy is was his dad brought up his "other side": his power of fire, like he could just use it and win: I could see how he could use his ice powers in the fights, so long as he's careful enough with them, but unless he knows what he is doing he could seriously hurt or kill someone with his fire ability-- he really can't control it in certain ways when you think about it.
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    One Punch Man is way more dangerous to my mind.

    HeroAca has villains but they want to steal shit and stuff, there's an ideology behind it.

    The monsters in OPM just want to murder all humans.
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    Honestly unless your name happens to be Saitama, the OPM world just feels way, way more dangerous to live in. If your fellow heroes aren't stabbing you in the back, you're fighting for your life against some OP giant monster or some kung-fu loony bin who's sided with the monsters.

    God help you if you happen to do something that offends Tatsumaki.

    The Hero Aca Heroes seem more professional in comparison and the threats aren't quite as insane as in OPM. AFO and Shiggy notwithstanding.

    Plus I could finally get some clarification for that no fighting rule regarding students.
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    To be fair, in OPM, the violence is largely contained to one specific city, and largely one specific part of that one city. So you can just... not live there.
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    going with MHA.

    OPM is just too nuts and the hero association's top dogs are either too unreliable or too untrustworthy for my tastes.

    say what you will about endeavor as a family man but i can trust him to watch my back and/or save civies when it counts.

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