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    Default Squirrel Girl (Marvel) VS Pre-Crisis DC Gauntlet

    From what I recall of Squirrel girl's feats, it has been shown she can take down even Galactus, if her squirrels make contact. That said, I don't believe she has much in the way of durability feats. In terms of speed, I think she was able to keep up with Spidey. And given her lack of appearance, I figure that's her bare minimum. Of course I figure she isnprobably faster.

    Each fight takes place in the biggest park in New York marvel.

    1) Batman
    2) Aquaman
    3) Saturngirl
    4) Matter Eater Lad
    5) Wonderwoman
    6) Karate Kid
    7) Darkseid

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    I don't believe her squirrels taking down Galactus makes any sense. Scans for context?

    Edit: Yes, this is me basically calling BS on that kind of thing, also including her context-less 'defeat' of Thanos.
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