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    Default Brightburn vs. Superman

    Brandon "Brightburn" Breyer takes on live-action Superman.

    Round I) Brightburn vs. DCEU Suoerman.

    Round II) Brightburn takes on Smallville's Superman.

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    Curbstomp. Brightburn gets pimpslapped in both fights. Maybe if it ever gets a sequel and we see Brightburn grown up with better feats it'll be a debate but as of right now he's no challenge to either version.
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    Bad enough against DCEU, but against Smallville? Does Brightburn owe you money? WellingMan is lightspeed, planet-moving, river-vaporizing insanity.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Dog View Post
    Yeah this about sums it up.

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    I think before you get into any discussion about who would win in a superhero smack down that you have to figure out a means to quantify their powers.

    In Brightburn, at first glance, it appears that his powers are unquantifiable, I mean, we don't see him struggle to lift anything and the only thing that gives him problems is the metal his craft was made out of.

    However, there is a scene that gives us a sense of his power set. When his father takes him out to the woods to kill him and his father shoots him in the back of the head with the gun, the force of the impact of the bullet moves his head forward.
    He also grabs the back of his head where he was shot as if he was bitten by a mosquito. This action helps us define his powers as probably around the Luke Cage Level in terms of invulnerability.

    Contrast that to when Superman was shot in the eyeball with a gun equivalent to a 9mm. Granted a 9mm would be about 3x weaker than the rifle used in Brightburn but then you can easily counter that an eyeball is 500x weaker than a skull.

    So based on that comparison alone and their reactions to it, we can easily deduce the Superman is orders of magnitude stronger than Brightburn

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