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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleric of Hellís Brigade View Post
    Whoop whoop!!!

    After 14 months, I am officially 100lbs lighter! From 304lbs to 204lbs!
    Hey congrats man, you've really made some steady progress with your goals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron_Twister View Post

    You know what, despite how torturous the plane rides are, I will look forward to the food in Vietnam through most of October.
    Looks delicious. I've had other kinds of marinated chicken offal, but the unlaid egg specifically looks interesting.

    Wonder if it's any different than yolks, salted or unsalted, or just a gimmick.

    What's your foodie experience been like in the homeland, any recommendations?

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    To everyone, thank you all for your support.

    Quote Originally Posted by bruceleegreyhulk View Post
    I know it's silly and problematic and I get why it needed to change and isn't coming back - but I do miss the larger bust size she was famous for back in those early games.

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