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    Lightbulb Year of the Hero: The Gift

    You are a Lex Luthor of the Multiverse. You have just heard about Earth-0 Lex's grand Year of the Villain scheme to use all his resources to give every villain that's willing an upgrade of tech or new abilities and you are horrified. So, being the good guy you are, you decide to do the reverse; you give out gifts to minor and/or any willing heroes. who do you pick? how do you give them a boost? technology, magic artifact, new superpower, new organization to lead; you're resources and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. only caviates, try to avoid repeat characters and characters that are pretty powerful and don't really need the power boost.

    I got a couple but I'll wait until I see what yall got.
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    Let's see.....

    Tim Drake - Enhanced senses to complement his excellent detective skills
    Batman - Emotional healing/repaired psyche
    Superman - A magical one-time use artifact that will restore his secret identity
    Blue Devil - The ability to transform back to human for 24 hours once every 14 days so he can go to church

    JSA, Max Mercury, Nightwing, Wally West, Donna Troy, Starfire, Arsenal, Ma & Pa Kent - Reset to their best selves/roles/lives/status with permanent immunity to the destructive power of Didio and his fellow travelers

    I know, the last line is a cheat. Not sorry one bit!

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    Nightwing would get a lifetime supply of the Bat Editorial Repellent.

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