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    Default Linda Park Appreciation Thread 2019

    Here is a brand new appreciation thread for the greatest of the greatest : Linda Park.

    Created by Messner-Loebs, she used to be the Flash's wife and a fantastic character.

    In a few weeks, DC is finally bringing her back, at least on a variant cover, and she's wonderful :
    The Flash is not about Tragedy - Wally West Appreciation Thread : 376 pages.
    Wally West Appreciation Thread 2018 : 94 pages
    Good stories must survive :

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    This is probably inappropriate for an 'Appreciation' thread -- though I do feel these should just be discussion threads -- and not strictly positive or negative.

    Anywho, was never a fan of the character. She seemed kinda pushy and high-maintenance. Way back in the Perez era of Titans, I though Frances Kane and Wally made a nice couple, but that was before she became Magenta and became a wack job.

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