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Agreed. The Aquaman soundtrack can off as rather generic to me, and much like the rest of the film it felt like it called back to the action-comedies of the 80s, without creating something distinctly its own. The perhaps greatest issue to me is that little of the music managed to evoke the ocean.

But even more than that, a theme song needs time and repetition in order to stick. Wonder Woman's theme had the advantage of being not only musically good but distinctly different from just about every earlier superhero theme, and then plastered all over the trailers for the movie, but it's probably at the minimum level of exposure for iconic music.
I actually liked the score for Aquaman more than for Wonder Woman, but the main WW theme was a lot more memorable and yeah catchy for me. I found the Aquaman score kind of unique and very fitting. It really felt like music for the ocean life and also somewhat alien. Like from another world.