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    Quote Originally Posted by John Venus View Post
    Now for some real news:

    HBO Max 'skews male' and has 'appointment viewing,' while Discovery+ 'skews female' and has 'comfort viewing'. This graphic shows how the services differ ahead of their merging next summer.

    EDIT: I have no idea why business insider dot com is censored on this site. Here is a link, just remove the space between business and insider:

    Here is an actual graphic from Discovery that shows how they view each service:

    What do they mean by "genredom"? How is it any different from a "fandom"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Castling View Post
    What do they mean by "genredom"? How is it any different from a "fandom"?
    Fandoms would be more like universes of distinct, recognized fictional characters with dedicated communities of followers. Genredoms seem to mean broader nonfiction categories. Homemaking shows, documentaries, romance shows, survival shows etc.

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