My favorite books of the DCU when I was a kid were the All Star Squadron,Infinity Inc, New Teen Titans, and Legion then I got older I discovered American Century,Vamps,Sandman along with Planetary, Authority, WildC.A.T.S. and Stormwatch then the 52 came you took Justice Society away & integrated Wildstorm & Vertigo (some I liked some not so much) then you brought Earth 2 back (Powergirl & Huntress were great) but DC had to mess with that so much DC had to end the world like they did to Wildstorm and Vertigo (TWICE EACH) so I threw up my hands & said to myself maybe DC will realize that A)Batman Superman,and Wonder Woman are not the only characters in the DCU B)Grayson was a better spy than Superhero C) Roy & Wally didn't deserve to go out like that in Heroes in Crisis there's one good thing about this Captain America & Spiderman have become more interesting to me plus Hawkman & Aquaman are my favorite DC heroes that are actually not dead in limbo or turned into a villain.