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Now that I'm catching up I'm really diggin' The Chi on Showtime. Some bad sistas on this show, specially that young boys mama with the girlfriend. Dont know how this is gonna work out seeing as the star of the show Jason Mitchell was I guess getting real loose with the females on the show to the point his managing agency dumped him. Damn shame. So anywho guess who turns up as a kingpin on the show? My GUY, Carl Lumbly (the end of this scene was priceless)! M.A.N.T.I.S. himself, been a while since the greatest black TV superhero ever got brought up round these parts. Yes, it's a short list.
Before the golden age of Jimmy BROlson's Guardian and David Harewood's Martian Manhunter on Supergirl and a Vixen app. On Legends and Wally on The Flash. Back in the first superhero wave pre-CW btw i.e. Spawn, Steel, Meteor Man days we got M.A.N.T.I.S. on FOX. Full disclosure I've seen a single episode and was barely watching it and don't remember shit but I will catch up someday but nuff respect nevertheless to C.L. ✊
Check out the MANTIS Pilot if you can. The character is more like the Shadow, a dude in a regular suit with the mask then the full on Super Suit of the series.

Also in the pilot Lumby is the sole inventor of the super suit and even has some African Exchange Students as his tech crew. Also Gina Torres was the love interest.

In the series, every POC but Lumby was removed and now the suit was the shared design of Lumby's character and a White British Character added for the series.

I think I still have the pilot on VHS somewhere...lord knows where I put it...